A Style Guide for the Perfect Prom/Formal Dress

A perfectly suited dress is what enhance your beauty to another level. So picking up the right dress is crucially important. Here is a quick style guide for all the styles of prom / formal dresses.

All the Different Styles to Pick From!

To pick up one classy dress for yourself, you really need to know all of the available styles of prom dresses. Here is a quick list of different styles.

  1. Illusion Gowns

  2. Ball gowns

  3. Long Dresses

  4. Bold Prints

  5. Short Dresses

  6. Cocktail

  7. Halter

  8. Casuals

  9. Two Piece

  10. Lace Dresses

  11. Sequins Work

  12. Long sleeved

  13. V-Neck Dresses

  14. Mermaid style

  15. Open Back

  16. Empire Waist

  17. Sexy/ Sleek dresses

  18. Strapless

  19. Pleated

  20. Celebrity Inspired Dresses

Most Popular Choices for this Year

Choosing from the huge range of formal dresses that are available can be daunting, and if you are wondering what to wear on the prom night or looking for some great and trendy options to choose that are really in this season, then you’re just at the right place. Here is the list of all the most favourite, stylish, and in fashion styles of this season, that have made their mark on the runways.

Exposed Shoulders

Girl Wearing Black Off Shoulder Beach Dress

Revealing your skin, while accentuating your figure, these off shoulder dresses bring out the bold, stylish and confident girl within you. Be it both shoulders off, or just one, these dresses simply look stunning, gorgeous, and classy. These are the most loved looks on the runways this year. This will give you an awesome feeling of being bold and beautiful, revealing a little skin while not thinking of going too exposed. Sure a perfect pick for this season.

Bold Prints

Model Posing In Bold Floral Print Dress

In fashion, once and for all. Cool patterns, bold colours, vibrant mix of colour palette, and style in some unique dress; all make it to the perfect dress for the prom or a formal event. The bold prints are a sure choice this season. All the major fashion brands including Valentino and Alexander McQueen have beautified the runways with their breathtakingly classic collection of bold prints. In addition to that, most of the celebrities have embraced these big floral patterns for their red carpet looks.

Not so popular choice for the prom dress previously, but with such hype, the bold prints have made their mark in the hearts of every girl out there.

Two-Piece Dresses

Model In Wine Bodycon Prom Dress

The two-piece dress is the easiest going, simple yet absolutely flawless choice for a formal event or a prom night. A crop top with a skirt, a gown or straight pants, the two-piece dresses add versatility, style, and modish flavour to the simple and subtle look. The most attractive feature of these dresses is that you can wear the same dress at a party, pair up with skinny jeans and hang out with your girlfriends, or put on classy pants and attend a formal event.

This can look very casual on a girls day out, to sparkly beautiful on prom, or very subtle at a formal event. You can make a lot of different choices.

Asymmetrical Dresses

Model In Asymmetrical Red Formal Dress

Change the game of mainstream long gowns, and go for short and asymmetric dresses!! In this age of constant fashion revolution and intense style game, being all ready to embark on the modern journey and synchronizing with the chic fashion game is super easy. For all the trendy girls, who love to fashion day and night, these asymmetrical dresses in short sizes are something to not let go this time. The days of long dresses are surely gone, and the most trendy and eye-catchy dresses of this age are these asymmetrical dresses. You can design, and stylize these dresses as per your own will.

The asymmetrical dresses peculiarly look flawless with off shoulder and a little flair on the back. Pick the cool colour, choose the flair, embellish it with bold prints or sequins and you are ready to look amazing.

Suit and Pants

Model In Light Grey Suit

Most of the girls love to wear glistening and shimmery gowns, while there are a lot of girls who don’t want to dress up in gowns. Well, wear your style, and make it a statement. A lot of leading ladies of the TV and film industry are hitting the red carpet with the subtle yet stylish aura of suits and pants. Emma Watson has been seen showing off her class and effortless elegance with suits, sometimes. The list includes Emma Stone, Cara Delavigne, Shailene Woodley, and our favourite Zendaya. There are a lot of different ways to carry out suits and pants. You can pair up simple black pants with a sparkling topless shirt, or wear all black suit with really flashy jewellery. Another great pick would be going with the super stylish jumpsuits. Whichever colour you’ll pick, the jumpsuits can never go wrong.

Going with the suits and pants will put you way forward in making a bold fashion statement among all. To take things to another level, pick some flashy, bright coloured or vibrantly coloured bold heels while wearing a single colour simple suit. You’ll look outclass for sure.

Illusion Dress

Woman Wearing Elegant Optical Illusion Formal Dress

The most talked about in fashion, and chic pick of this season is “the illusion gowns”. These utterly attractive, and breathtakingly elegant dresses are just the perfect choice to wear at prom this year. The Illusion gown frames an extremely pretty and perfect shape of the body while giving you the liberty to show off your skin, simultaneously maintaining the subtle glamour, elegance, and gorgeousness of your personality. You can get a wide range of illusion gowns synchronized with other styles.

The delicacy of the fabric, embellishment of the sequins, and the cut of the illusion dress, all will make you the style icon of the night. Just pick what you like, be confident and smart, and rock on!

Well, there you have it! These are the most favourite and trendy looks of this season. The choices are limitless. Choose as per your body type, in what you’ll feel comfortable, be confident, bold, and you’ll look effortlessly beautiful for sure. Enjoy!

Readymade VS. Customized Engagement & Wedding Rings

Shopping around for your needs whether it is the most inexpensive household needs or more expensive items like jewellery or car, has become easier, faster and comfortable with the wide array of opportunities offered by the digital world.

Which Is Best For You?

Before we set out exploring the pros and cons of a customized engagement ring/wedding ring vs one from the stock lot, one thing we should bear in mind is that the moment you add wedding or engagement to your item description, the price automatically moves up by several notches. In other words, the price of an ‘engagement ring’ is vastly different from the price of ‘a’ ring. “An’ is inanimate whereas ‘engagement’ is filled with passion, expectation and all those beautiful words that marketers take great pain to dig in and unearth for you! Oh no – it is for your money. The difference is possibly as between a passionate love letter or a greeting card from the neighbourhood grocery store for your fiancé. Both the options are capable of conveying the message, but your personal and true feelings can be conveyed by only one of them to add that extra thought to make her feel special. This is perhaps where the customized engagement ring comes in and sits above a readymade engagement ring.

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Why your engagement ring should be custom made?

two rings on book


There is no other girl like her and therefore choosing a ring that you would potentially see on the fingers of hundreds of other girls makes your engagement ring very ordinary. Joseph George is a second generation jeweller with more than 40 years of experience in customised jewellery, especially designing custom engagement and wedding rings. Just as importantly, each of these pieces is custom designed to suit your love one requirements.

Reflects your thoughts and effort

You are about to kneel down and make a lifelong commitment to your heartthrob. A custom made ring showcases the extra effort, your willingness and devotion. It conveys the effort you have put in and the thought to make it the most perfect, just as she is for you!

Wondering if you’re too young to be in a committed relationship? You are not alone!

Exceptional quality

wedding rings tie on ribbon

The mass-produced engagement rings are often made by machines or workers with low skill levels. But, with the custom-made engagement ring, you have the option of choosing every bit of material that goes into it, juggle with the design, and finally get an heirloom quality ring that is truly beautiful and crafted with great attention and care that it deserves.

It reflects your wishes (or your fiancé)

You are in absolute control of the style, the size and details of the ring, the kind of band, the metal and more. You get to work with the designer directly making sure that the ring is precisely what you had envisioned, or perhaps even better and more beautiful.

It need not be as expensive as you might think

Your custom-made engagement ring need not be an expensive one. The cost would depend on what you select the weight of the metal involved, the carat value of the diamond if chosen, the designing cost and making cost. However, you will pay a little extra for the design and make since your engagement ring is specially crafted and does not come off the rack. Those additional dollars, however, bring the uniqueness to your engagement ring. And for those who keep loosing their rings, I’d recommend just buying a nice ring from Amazon here, you will find many nice rings in a $40 range.

She will love it

Your engagement ring symbolises the depth of your love and affection for your girl. She is bound to like something that comes with so much of love, devotion and attention to detail and that is the biggest advantage of a custom made engagement ring.

Factor in the time needed

One thing you should remember when your thoughts gravitate towards custom made engagement ring is the time required to design and craft the masterpiece for your lady love. Usually, it takes up to six weeks for the whole process before you can feel the creation in your hands. But, if you are running short of time, you have the option of choosing just the centre diamond and have the jeweller set it in a solitaire ring temporarily on the same day. Your fiancé can then be told that she will have the romantic opportunity of designing her very own ‘dream’ ring in company with you. That should sound pretty enticing too!

Less complicated than what you might think

When it comes to custom engagement rings, many people tend to think that lot of complicated processes are involved. But the fact is that if you pick a competent jewellery store, you can always ask to work with a designer who specializes in custom engagement rings and also can offer a proprietary process so that your experience turns out to be flawless.

wedding Ring in water

How does the readymade ring compare with customised?

Readymade engagement rings are made in a far-off location using a mould and a production line. Several thousand pieces of identical design are made in a day, and the finished pieces go across to jewellers across Australia and elsewhere. Therefore, chances are that your engagement ring may be very similar to those worn by many other women around you, on the big day. Another factor you may want to consider is that mass produced rings often lack the attention to detail and the material of construction may also be lower than the quality it is expected to be.
On the price front, you might expect to save a few dollars by opting for the readymade engagement ring because it is mass produced and you may stand a chance to bargain the price too. With a custom-made engagement ring, you will have no opportunity to bargain on the price. Yet, one needs to consider that large jewellers have significant overhead costs that are charged to you. On the contrary, when you work with a master craftsman jeweller, you could be surprised how his lower operating costs and minimum profit potentially pegs the price of a custom-made engagement ring lower than a mass produced piece at the jewellery retailer.