Dress Accessories

Believe it or not, if you feel that the clothes that you wear are going to be the only thing you think are going to be noticed then, you are wrong! Ladies from all parts of the world have shown us how it is to be done. All major fashion shows of 2017 have marked their tribute to accessories and have given the masses amazing trends to look good.

Below is a list of some amazing trendy accessories you should not miss this season-


Bags may sound very basic but they are not only essential but also gives your style an increment. The best designers across the world will advise not to miss bags for a complete look. This season has seen some tremendous interest in bag styles.
Belt Bags
Give yourself a break from the ordinary street style, try out some cool belt bags that have arrived in the market. The best part is that you can design your own. You can try out mixing and matching your old sleek belts that you were not so keen about with a leather clutch and you are sorted!
These bags look highly fashionable, sleek and are a must-have.
Box Bags
Balance your look with a structured box bag. Box bags can come in any shape and size- square rectangle, small or makeup box size, but one thing is for sure they look very cute and elegant.
Tassel Bags
Tassel bags are the new and latest trendsetters of 2017. Ribbon, rope, suede or leather all sorts of tassel bags have been popular after the latest international fashion festivals. They look so nice with a colour contrasted or coordinated dress.


Shoes are an essential part of your fashion and can never go out of fashion. This year’s fashion events welcomed new styles like-
Platform Brogues
Platform Brogues have been favourites of street style stars. They are masculine and stylish and look perfect with cropped pants or ankle length trousers. The length lets you show off some skin at the bottom of your legs which gets balanced with the heaviness of the shoes.
Golden Shoes
Golden shoes have been a huge hit this season. Be it Milan, New York or Paris, they have been very popular o the streets this year. Gold shoes look bold but still has got the neutral appearance, that draws the attention of the people. They really go well with casual dresses and any designer wear. Try noticing how they glitter in the sun and look so cool by the evening.